Services for Network Operators

FormsProducing a request for tender

A Network Operator intending to purchase a satellite communications system has to ensure that they obtain the best value for money (without any unexpected “add-ons”) and hence needs to produce a request for tender.

The problem is that some service providers have limited technical knowledge in the area of satellite communications and so need to hire in the expertise on a project basis.

At an initial consultation, we will determine your requirements and once the full scope of works has been approved, will then write the full technical section of your tender ensuring that it fully meets your requirements.

Assistance in responding to tenders

We are not affiliated to any manufacturer, so when the tender submissions arrive, we are able to provide an unbiased technical review and produce a written cost / benefit analysis against each vendor.

We will evaluate each submission for expansion and upgrade capabilities so that your eventual purchase supports changes in technology and can economically grow as your organisation grows.

Production of maintenance plans

Communications systems are required to provide extremely high availability figures 24/7 all year round, but even the most resilient infrastructure can fail.

We can evaluate the system early on in the conceptual design and/or during and/or after installation, determining a cost effective strategic maintenance plan for ensuring highest availability.

Our long experience in installing and provisioning complex communication systems means that we can identify potential risks and produce routine maintenance plans designed to minimise outages.

Project management

Having experience in managing high value technical projects we are able to provide you with our expertise from commencement of contract through integration and final commissioning.

3rd party witness of commissioning tests

Without actually having an experienced full time engineer on your staff, how can you be sure that the acceptance tests that the vendor is performing for you are valid?

We can provide a third party witness service acting on your behalf. This can take place at the vendor’s factory, your facility or at your client’s site.

Provision of technical training

Over the years, we have written almost 70 different technical training courses in communication engineering.

Our courses range from purely theoretical through to equipment and system operation and can be presented to your staff or clients at a venue of your choice.

Our courses can be tailored to the needs of Company directors, Engineering managers, Operations staff or Maintenance teams.